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“I want freedom, the right to self-expression, everybody’s right to beautiful, radiant things.” Emma Goldman

My somewhat unbelievable curves and fat ass are surprisingly *not* the most remarkable things about me...


I'd like to think its my ravenous curiosity, incisive awareness, and being, honestly, kind of weird: out of the ordinary, off-beat, a breath of fresh air etc. I'm probably different from most people you meet and i love that about myself. Diversity of perspectives, passions, and personalities is the most exciting thing about being human. I try to look at things with new eyes all the time, taking nothing for granted, nothing assumed. Every thing in life is an opportunity to learn if we are willing to tune into ourselves.


I know that there is so much beauty and love out there, but life can have a way of keeping us isolated and feeling alone. I am an expert at helping those around me take a step out of this world, even for a moment, turn inward and relight that fire inside.


I am observant, caring, energetic, and yes, radiant. And I want to create experiences that allow us to feel all that we are capable of.






I celebrate life and all the things that make us feel alive. For me, that is exploring, exercising, cultivating intimate relationships, cooking, embracing autonomy, and learning new skills. The list goes on. What gets your heart pumping?

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