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While the only way to truly know me comes by diving in head first, I'll give you a head start...

Some Fun Facts:

 I have been to 49 states 

Bonus points if you can guess the 1 I have not seen!

 I plan to one day live on a farm 

 I am learning Italian and Spanish 

 I am a BIG animal lover 

I was a baton twirler for 10 years

My Favorite Activities:

  Biking, hiking, climbing, camping

Walking around in my socks outside


 Cooking big meals to share 

 Traveling (i'll be on the road all winter!) 

Exercising (especially rock climbing and aerial silks)

Winter sports (I spend 2 months skiing every year) 

 Exploring new ways of being & breaking conventions

Other Favorites:

Authors: Kurt Vonnegut and Adrienne Maree Brown

Movies: Anything Studio Ghibli

Music Genres: Folk Punk, Pop Punk, and Emo

Place i've ever been: Road tripping through the Alps

Tattoo I have: Tiger on my arm


Height: 5'4" - Bust: 31" (C cup) - Waist: 23" - Hips: 37"

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